lingerie-beautifulLes Dessous de la Lingerie means ‘behind the scenes of lingerie’ in French. Like the name suggests this blog is dedicated to all types of lingerie and all the lingerie brands that exist. We’ll share lingerie definitions and useful advice: size guide, description of different bra styles, the types of panties and bottoms that exist… and more!

We want to answer all of your questions about lingerie because we love everything about it. From French lingerie’s rich history to simply understanding the difference between a bustier and a basque, we’ll cover as many lingerie-related topics as possible. In addition this blog will look at the new lingerie trends that are exciting the fashion world and lingeristas.

You will also find a comprehensive list of all the lingerie brands in the world that offers practical information like contact information, website, etc. We’ll do our best to keep it accurate and up to date. Don’t hesitate to send us the information about your lingerie brand or any brand you notice is missing, or incorrect, on the list.

I started this blog because I am passionate about lingerie but frustrated about the lack of clear and objective content online. I hope that you’ll join me in spreading the word by commenting and sharing my posts. Please add your advice, tips and thoughts in comments – the more the merrier! We are also happy to answer any questions you have about the fascinating world of lingerie so contact us and let us know how we can help.

To put you in the mood, here are some pictures of beautiful lingerie found across the internet.